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India - India: Interview with Gajarla Ravi, CPI (Maoist) central committee member in charge of Dandakaranya and eastern zone by Rabi Banerjee

 CPI (Maoist) central committee member in charge of Dandakaranya and eastern zone

He was believed to be dead after the Malkangiri attack by GreyHounds in October, which killed 33 senior Maoists commanders and squad members. Many people even sent condolence messages to Gajarla Ravi alias Ganesh. But when THE WEEK visited the Dandakaranya free zone, we found Ganesh walking through the forest road to take stock of the deployment of forces in the wake of the attack. There was a security ring of around 50 Maoists with him, and he was carrying an AK-57, with ammunition hung around his waist and chest.

One of the finest military strategists for CPI (Maoist) and NIA's most-wanted men, Ganesh, who is in his early fifties, is also known to be an ideologue for the party. He was present during the attack in Malkangiri, along with politburo member Rama Krishnan. But, thanks to heavy security ring, Ganesh and RK managed to flee. Failing health forced RK to pass on the Dandakaranya 'baton' to Ganesh on the party’s insistence. The attack exposed the lapses on the part of Maoists, and now, Ganesh is rebuilding the Malkangiri area with fresh recruitment and security deployment. Known to be close to both, party chief Ganapathy and second-in-command Prashanta Bose (Kishan da), Ganesh is also in charge of the eastern region of the area. His three brothers, who are no longer alive, were also Maoists. An engineering student, Ganesh dropped out of college and joined the student wing of the People's War Group. He became close to Ganapathy, who took him along with him when he went underground and trained him as an ideologue of the party and a military expert as well.

Ganesh and RK came out of hiding in 2004 for talks with the Andhra Pradesh government led by the then chief minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy. A year ago, Ganesh had planned to assassinate N. Chandrababu Naidu.

A diabetic, Ganesh always carries insulin. He recently recruited a large number of young boys and girls and deputed them in Malkangiri. Initially reluctant, he later agreed to talk to THE WEEK and asked us to come to a village (not to be disclosed), promising to reach within half an hour. He kept his word. Ganesh ordered that tea and dinner—rice and vegetable curry—be arranged. At night, a mat was rolled out on the mud floor of a hut, while his men created a four-tier security ring around the hut. Sipping milk, he spoke to THE WEEK in a freewheeling interview till dinner was arranged. He admitted the CPI (Maoist) is passing through difficult times as it has lost almost the entire party top rung. However, he feels that Maoists would make a comeback. Excerpts:

The government claims you have suffered one of the biggest setbacks, since inception, at the hands of security forces.

It is true to some extent. But, that is not in the free zone, where we run our own government. We will no longer be doing guerrilla warfare and would only retaliate when attacked. In 2007, in our last party Congress, we decided that People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army, our military wing, would be converted to People’s Liberation Army. We are also giving stress to expanding our party beyond our strongholds.

By abandoning guerrilla warfare, are you going to adopt the Chinese model of the People’s Liberation Army?

Yes. Like the Chinese PLA did, we will take action when needed. It would mostly be a people-centric mobile army.

You said your hold on the free zone was intact, but here, in Malkangiri, you faced one of the worst attacks in recent times.

You are sitting in Malkangiri. Do you find any police other than ours? Attacks happened because the government has adopted a ruthless path of crushing the rights of people living in jungles. We would never let that happen.

Your movement in Bengal has weakened and you are not doing well in Jharkhand either.

In Bengal, we suffered miserably because of our lack of policy framework. We were mistaken about [Chief Minister] Mamata Banerjee. However, like in Bengal, wherever we have had a slowdown, we have decided to rebuild our party.

Many Maoist leaders issued written statements that they would take revenge on Mamata Banerjee for Kishenji’s death.

Yes, revenge will be there. But, that will be by reviving another Lalgarh-like movement in West Bengal, which will uproot the Mamata Banerjee government. We are not going to physically eliminate her.

That would be a soft approach from a hardliner, which politicians across India are likely to appreciate.

Yes, we are changing our party. We are wooing educated people and giving them ideological and basic training on Maoism and communism as a whole. Many brilliant students have joined as student activists and are suddenly filling our second rung of leadership, which is ready to fill the vacuum at the top.

What about the top leadership?

Most of them have either been eliminated or been arrested. With the death of Kishenji, Azad, P.B. Rao, and the arrest of our propaganda bureau chief Kobad Gandhi and many others, there is a vacuum at the top. The present (NDA) government is more aggressive than the UPA. They are attacking us from air and unleashed ruthless armed groups like GreyHounds. But it cannot finish us as we have recruited many vibrant men and women who would take the top jobs.

By doing away with guerrilla warfare, are you going to end armed struggle?

No, never. Revolution will be our path and we intend to overthrow the existing fake democracy. 

But we need people with us, and intellectuals as well.

Why could you not hold your party conference in last one decade? And when will it be held?

It will happen (smiles). But we have other work to do now. Charu Majumdar conducted the first party Congress in 1969 and we did our seventh in 2007. We are presently busy with revamping our organisation in Jharkhand, West Bengal and other parts of the country, including Maharashtra and other northern states. So, it will take some time.

You seemed to be unaffected by the Malkangiri attack where you lost so many leaders.

Comrades die for a cause. We do not dwell on the past. We look at the future. Dandakaranya free zone is intact, and it will be so in the future.

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India - Maoists plan ‘Janatana Sarkar’

VISAKHAPATNAM: Even as AP director general of police (DGP) N Sambasiva Rao recently claimed that the Maoist numbers have dwindled specially after the major encounter at Ramaguda in Bejjangi area in Odisha in October last year, the CPI Maoists are reportedly planning to set up a ‘Janatana Sarkar’ in the Andhra-Odisha Border.
A Janatana Sarkar is a parallel government set up by the Maoists who provide the people with facilities in education, health, security and other segments. For the benefit of the people, the banned outfit is also planning to set up hospitals in tribal pockets.
Despite losing ground in places like Palnadu and the South Andhra districts like Krishna and West Godavari in the last two decades, Maoists have till date managed to retain their hold in the AOB districts like East Godavari and Visakhapatnam.
According to sources, members of the division committee and red guerrillas have been continuously conducting meetings in the AOB villages. They are now telling people to send their wards to schools to be set up by them shortly and also bring the patients to hospitals set up by them, they added.
With the Maoists regrouping, security forces are on a high alert. “There are reports that new cadre has landed in the AOB. Maoists had already deployed some of the senior cadre from the Dandakaranya region in Chhattisgarh to AOB to recuperate from the losses of Ramaguda encounter,” a senior police officer told TOI
The sources said senior Maoist leader Jitender Reddy alias Krishna was recently seen in the Visakha agency. He may have been sent to the district to coordinate with the cadres and the public to rebuild the movement. Krishna was himself a former secretary of Galikonda Area Committee and has good knowledge of the agency areas. Along with him, Kakuri Pandanna, who was a former commander of Ramakrishna alias RK’s protection team, is also helping in regrouping in the area.
The Maoists have already appointed senior cadre Ajay as secretary of the Srikakulam-Koraput Division committee after the death of former secretary Chamala Krishnayya alias Daya in the Ramaguda encounter.
An expert in anti-naxal operations said Maoists are now practising Tactical Counter Offensive Campaign (TCOC). They have also deployed a single-man action team in AOB areas. Usually, action teams have three or more people, he added.

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maoistroad supports these Declarations

May Day Declaration 2016

Proletarians of all countries, unite! Long live the 50th anniversary of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution! Long live the Proletarian World Revolution! Long live Maoism!

Call for the Four Upcoming Anniversaries: “Celebrate the Fiftieth Anniversaries of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (GPCR) an the Historic Naxalbari Armed Uprising, Centenary of the Earth-shaking Russian Socialist Revolution and the Bicentenary of the Birth of the Great Teacher of the International Proletariat Karl Marx with Revolutionary Enthusiasm and Spirit!”, Call of the Central Committee, Communist Party of India (Maoist), 16 March 2016, and signed by Ganapathy, General Secretary, CC, CPI(Maoist)

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India: El 58% de la población de Andhra Pradesh dice que el naxalismo es bueno

La mayor amenaza de seguridad interna de la India, como lo describió el Primer Ministro, puede ser peor de lo que pensaba. Eso es porque incluso en Andhra Pradesh, donde la batalla contra los maoístas aparentemente ha sido ganada, resulta que el gobierno está perdiendo la batalla por las mentes y los corazones de la gente.
Es un debate que ha estado enraizado dentro del Congreso, y fuera de él. ¿Debería el gobierno adoptar una actitud de ley y orden en gran medida hacia los maoístas y tratar con ellos como criminales o debería centrarse más en reducir el terreno de debajo de sus pies a través de una agenda de desarrollo que gana sobre la población de las zonas afectadas?
Una encuesta exclusiva de los distritos dominados por maoístas de la región de Telengana por IMRB, conocida organización de investigación de mercados, para The Times of India, ha encontrado que mientras las actitudes hacia los rebeldes son ambivalentes, la condena del gobierno y sus medios de abordar El problema es bastante claro.
Los hallazgos plantean inquietantes preguntas acerca de si centrarse en gran medida en los aspectos policiales del problema puede ser una estrategia defectuosa a largo plazo. También lanzan otra pregunta: ¿Ha ganado verdaderamente la batalla en el AP o los maoístas pueden regresar en pocos años?
Atado a esto está la cuestión de cómo los maoístas son vistos por la población de estas partes. ¿Se perciben esencialmente como un grupo sanguinario, extorsionista o como rebeldes que defienden los derechos de las personas?
TOI decidió hacer una encuesta de opinión de las zonas afectadas para averiguar. El problema, sin embargo, fue que esta era una región donde los encuestadores encontraron muy difícil entrar. Finalmente decidimos llevar a cabo la encuesta en aquellas áreas de Andhra Pradesh que eran hasta hace poco las fortalezas de los Naxalitas, pero donde sus actividades se han comprobado. La encuesta se llevó a cabo, por lo tanto, en cinco distritos de la región de Telengana Adilabad, Nizamabad, Karimnagar, Warangal y Khammam. Estos distritos fueron elegidos no sólo porque eran hasta hace poco severamente Naxal-afectados, sino también debido a su proximidad a los hogares actuales en Chattisgarh y Maharashtra.
Para aprovechar el estado de ánimo de los aam admi en estas áreas, la encuesta se restringió a las categorías socioeconómicas no tan buenas, SEC B y SEC C ya hombres y mujeres entre las edades de 25 y 50. Lo que encontramos Venir como un abrir los ojos para nosotros y debe ser preocupante para todos. El estado puede haber ganado la batalla de las armas, pero los maoístas están claramente adelante en el juego de la percepción. Esto es particularmente cierto en los distritos de Warangal y Nizamabad, como lo muestran los gráficos adjuntos con demasiada claridad.
La causa principal de la desafección es el abrumador sentimiento de negligencia de las áreas por parte del gobierno. Aproximadamente dos tercios expresaron esta opinión y en Warangal la cifra era tan alta como el 81%. Eso, digámoslo, no es alarmante. Figuras similares serían lanzadas probablemente para arriba en cualquier parte en la India. Cierto. Pero cuando dos tercios también dicen que los maoístas tienen razón al elegir los métodos que tienen para resaltar el abandono, es difícil descartarlo como algo normal.
Quizás las respuestas más reveladoras responden a preguntas sobre si los maoístas – aún mejor conocidos como Naxalitas en este cinturón – eran buenos o malos para la región y si su derrota por parte de la policía de AP ha hecho las cosas mejor o peor.
Casi el 60% dijo que los naxalitas eran buenos para la zona y sólo el 34% sentía que la vida había mejorado desde que fueron golpeados. En cuanto a si la explotación ha aumentado después de la disminución de la influencia naxalita, el 48% dijo que tenía contra el 38% que dijo que no lo hizo, el resto no ofreciendo ninguna opinión.
Estas respuestas se apoyan en las respuestas a otras tres preguntas. La primera de ellas era si la caracterización de los naxales como extorsionistas y mafiosos era exacta. Dos tercios no estuvieron de acuerdo. Una explicación de esto vino en respuesta a una pregunta un poco más abierta. Más de la mitad dijo que los naxalitas trabajaron por el bien de la zona, otro tercio dijo que tenía las intenciones correctas pero los medios equivocados. Sólo el 15% estaban dispuestos a describirlos como sólo goondas.
Igualmente importante, el 50% de los encuestados consideró que los naxalitas habían obligado al gobierno a concentrarse en el trabajo de desarrollo en las áreas afectadas. Lo que estas respuestas muestran es lo negativo que es la percepción del gobierno en estas partes.
El hecho de que la gente de aquí no esté totalmente cómoda con los métodos de Naxalite también es bastante clara. Incluso una pregunta sobre lo que explicaba su fuerza en estas partes mostró que muy pocos lo atribuyeron solo a la popularidad, una mayoría diciendo que era debido al miedo o que era una combinación de aprobación y miedo. Que a pesar de esta ambivalencia hay una visión simpática de los Naxals sólo traiciona la búsqueda desesperada de la gente por cualquier medio para sacudir sacudir el estado.
Dadas estas conclusiones, no es de extrañar que las matanzas de los maoístas sean consideradas más indulgentes que las del gobierno y que las afirmaciones del Estado sobre los encuentros se consideren con extrema sospecha.
El gobierno puede decir, y con cierta justificación, que los maoístas representan la mayor amenaza para la seguridad interna de la India, pero lo que esta encuesta muestra es que el aam admi en estas partes considera la apatía del gobierno como la mayor amenaza para su bienestar.
Las ciudades en las que se llevó a cabo la encuesta fueron Kamareddy en el distrito de Nizamabad, Gudi Hathnoor en Adilabad, Sirsilla en Karimnagar, Mahbubabad en Warangal y Palwancha en Khammam. Un total de 521 personas fueron encuestadas en estas cinco ciudades, un tamaño de muestra estadísticamente robusto.

Canada - Resist Trump! Montreal demonstration against Donald Trump

Resist Trump! Montreal demonstration against Donald Trump and the far-right
Friday, January 20, 2017 11am (sharp)
Métro Place-des-Arts (corner of Jeanne-Mance and De Maisonneuve)

Résistons Trump ! Manifestation montréalaise contre Trump et l'extrême droite
Vendredi 20 janvier 11h, (pile)
Métro Place-des-Arts (coin Jeanne-Mance et de Maisonneuve)

Esperen Rechazemos Trump! Una manifestación en Montreal contra Donald Trump y las políticas de ultra-derecha
Este viernes 20 de enero a las 11 en punto.
Metro Place-des-arts (esquina Jeanne-Mance y de Maisonneuve)

[français ci-dessous]
[español abajo]

Donald Trump will be officially inaugurated as President of the United States at around noon on January 20, 2017. Protesters in Washington, DC will be on the ground attempting to disrupt the inauguration.

Here in Montreal, we’re calling for a mass demonstration of solidarity with the DC protests and in opposition to the far-right racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic and anti-immigrant agenda represented by Donald Trump.

This demonstration will include a “Baby Bloc” (or safer space) for parents and kids, to allow for wider participation as part of a larger disruptive demo. This protest is organized in conjunction with a “DC-Montreal Anti-Border Solidarity Caravan” to Washington by Montreal-area activists (leaving the day before) as well as a “Make Racists Afraid Again” Night Demo on January 20 (6pm at Square Phillips, at the corner of Ste-Catherine and Union).

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Donald Trump will be inaugurated as President of the United States on January 20, 2017. Protesters in DC will be attempting to disrupt his inauguration, and Montreal activists will be demonstrating in solidarity.

Beyond his toxic personality, Donald Trump represents misogynist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, and anti-immigrant politics. His platform for the United States’s next four years is filled with dangerous and hateful far-right ideas that deserve to be unequivocally opposed and resisted. We reject border walls, Muslim bans, and xenophobia. Instead, we resist deportations, call for open borders, and support grassroots peoples’ struggles, from water defenders at Standing Rock to the Black Lives Matter movement.

We also reject the colonialism-with-a-happy-face agenda promoted by the Trudeau government, which continues to negotiate devastating corporate trade agreements and approve pipelines. We also oppose the manifestations of racism and Islamophobia here in Quebec, such as the recent Quebec Charter of Values and the increasing rise of anti-immigrant groups that promote violence and hate speech. We repudiate the annoying liberal idea that Canada or Quebec is somehow morally superior to the USA, and instead call for cross-border alliances, from the US-Canada border to the US-Mexico border, to oppose oppression and confront repression.

All politicians, beyond their superficial personalities, are loyal to colonial capitalism. No matter which asshole is in power, this system continues to devastate and attack human beings and the Earth. We do not place any hope in politicians or political parties, but rather in using and building the collective, autonomous power of popular networks and movements.

This is a callout for anti-capitalist, anti-colonial resistance, rooted in a spirit of solidarity and support, having each other's backs, and respecting a diversity of tactics. We reject any collaboration with the police and anyone else that seeks to divide protesters.

We want to build on existing efforts in Montreal and beyond in support of migrants and refugees, in opposition to sexism, racism and Islamophobia, to homophobia and transphobia, and in building together a Solidarity City with dignity and justice for all.

Let’s make sure that Donald Trump and his far-right ideas do not become normalized. We will stand in solidarity with DC protesters here in Montreal and worldwide. Join us!

[To endorse this callout, or to stay in touch, e-mail us at]


Résistons Trump! Manifestation montréalaise contre Trump et l'extrême droite
Vendredi 20 janvier 11h, (pile)
Métro Place-des-Arts (coin Jeanne-Mance et de Maisonneuve)

Le 20 janvier 2017 à environ midi, Donald Trump sera officiellement nommé Président des États-Unis. Les militants de Washington, DC seront sur place afin de perturber la cérémonie d’investiture.

À Montréal, nous déclarons une manifestation de masse en solidarité avec les militants de DC et en opposition à l’extrême droite et aux politiques anti-immigrantes, Islamophobes, racistes, misogynes, homophobes et transphobes véhiculées par Donald Trump.

Une “zone-enfant” (ou espace plus sécuritaire) sera organisée pour les parents et leurs enfants dans le cadre de cette manifestation, afin de permettre la participation sécuritaire de tous à une manifestation promettant d’être perturbatrice. Cette manif est organisée en coordination avec la “Caravane Montréal-DC contre les frontières,” prise en charge par des militant(e)s montréalais(e)s voyageant à destination de Washington (le départ étant prévu le jour précédant), ainsi qu’une manif de soir “Make Racists Afraid Again” prévue pour le 20 janvier débutant à 18h (Square Phillips, au coin de Ste-Catherine et Union).

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Au-delà de sa personnalité toxique, Donald Trump représente un plateforme d’extrême droite dangereuse ainsi que des propos misogynes, racistes, homophobes, transphobes, Islamophobes, et anti-immigrants qui méritent d’être opposées sans compromis. Nous rejetons ses plans d’ériger un mur à la frontière entre le Canada et le Mexique, d’interdire l’entrée de Musulmans au pays, ainsi que ses propos sexistes et xénophobes. Au contraire, nous résistons aux déportations, nous appelons à l’ouverture des frontières, et nous appuyons les luttes de mouvements populaires, tels que celles des défenseurs de l’eau à Standing Rock et du mouvement Black Lives Matter.

Nous rejetons aussi l’agenda du « colonialisme au visage heureux » promu par le gouvernement Trudeau, qui, depuis son entrée au poste, négocie des accords de libre-échange corporatifs dévastateurs, approuve des oléoducs, et refuse de régulariser le statut de plus de 500,000 personnes habitant sans statut légal au Canada. Nous répudions la notion libérale irritante que le Canada est moralement supérieur aux États-Unis, et nous lançons plutôt un appel à des alliances transfrontalières, de la frontière canado-américaine à la frontière américano-mexicaine, pour résister à l’oppression et confronter la répression.

Pour nous, tous politiciens, au-delà de leurs personnalités superficielles, sont loyaux au capitalisme colonialiste. Peu importe quel trou de cul possède le pouvoir étatique, ce système dévaste et attaque continuellement les êtres humains et la Terre, surtout les peuples autochtones et leurs territoires et cultures. Nous n’avons aucun espoir dans les politiciens ou les partis politiques; nous préférons construire et nous servir du pouvoir collectif et de l’autonomie de nos réseaux et mouvements populaires.

Ceci constitue un appel pour une résistance anticapitaliste et anticolonialiste, enracinée dans un esprit de solidarité, de support et de soutien mutuel, et qui respecte la diversité des tactiques. Nous rejetons toute collaboration avec la police et avec quiconque tente de diviser les manifestants et manifestantes.

Nous cherchons à contribuer aux efforts existants, à Montréal et ailleurs, en solidarité avec les immigrants, les réfugiés et les communautés Musulmanes, en opposition au racisme, au sexisme, à l’homophobie et à la transphobie, et dans l’optique de construire une ville solidaire juste et équitable pour tous. Soyez des nôtres!

Buscamos construir, con las bases que existen en Montreal en este momento, con una solidaridad particular con imigrantes y refugiados, luchando racismo, sexismo y homofobia, con el objetivo de crear un ambiente solidaria y egalitaría para todos.

Empêchons que Donald Trump et ces idéologies d’extrême droite ne deviennent normalisées. Nous nous tiendrons debout en solidarité avec les militant(e)s de DC ici à Montréal et nous appelons au reste du monde à soutenir le mouvement. Nous vous attendons en grand nombre!

[Pour endosser cette manifestation, ou pour rester en contact, contactez-nous à]


Esperen Rechazemos Trump! Una manifestación en Montreal contra Donald Trump y las políticas de ultra-derecha
Este viernes 20 de enero a las 11 en punto.
Metro Place-des-arts (esquina Jeanne-Mance y de Maisonneuve)

Donald Trump será inaugurado oficialmente como Presidente de los Estados Unidos en la mañana del 20 de enero, 2017. Habrá manifestaciones en Washington DC con el propósito de perturbar su inauguración.

En Montreal, la manifestación ocurre en solidaridad con manifestantes en DC y contra la agenda de Donald Trump de ultra-derecha en contra de imigrantes.

Esta marcha incluirá una barrera para que familias puedan asistir con niños de todas las edades. La marcha es organizada al mismo tiempo con la “DC-Montreal Anti-Border Solidarity Caravan”, un autobus que partirá un día antes hacía Washington con activistas de Montreal asociados al slogan “Make Racists Afraid Again”. En la noche de el mismo día habrá una manifestación que no será familiar a las 6 de la noche en Phillips Square, Sainte Catherine y Union.

web: (en construction) ou


Donald Trump sera presidente de los Estados Unidos el 20 de enero en 2017. Manifestantes en DC tratarán de interrumpir la inauguración y hacemos esta manifestación en solidaridad con ellos.

Donald Trump, mas allá de tener una personalidad tóxica, representa la derecha extremista machista, racista y anti-imigrantes; nosotros debemos resistir Trump. Debemos resistir a Trump, el muro, su atitud contra los musulmanes y su miedo a los extranjeros en general. Nosotros estamos en contra de las deportaciones, de hecho estamos a favor de eliminar las fronteras para soportar causas socialistas del pueblo, desde las luchas contra petroleras en standing rock hasta el movimiento anti-racista de black lives matter.

Tambien estamos en contra del neoliberalismo pintado por una vida en rosa ofrecida por el gobierno de Justin Trudeau, ellos continuan a negociar tratos de libre comercio y siguen aprobando refinerias y conductos petroleros. Nosotros estamos contra el sentimiento racista y en contra de los musulmanes, como la charte des valeurs del partido quebecois y el resurgimiento de grupos contra imigrantes y extranjeros. Estamos también contra la repudiante idea de pensar que Québec sostiene los bastones de que es moral o mejor. Incluso que Québec seá mejor que Estados Unidos u otros paises, creemos que debería haber una cooperación entre Canada y Estados Unidos para reprimir la opresión y el nepotismo.

Todos los politicos, mas allá de tener sed de poder, continuan a colonizar los paises en via de desarrollo. No importe que pendejo esté en poder, todos contribuyen a una relacion negativa entre capitalismo y humanidad. No nos afiliamos con politicos o partidos politicos, somos un medio colectivo y autonomo sobre la red social de movimientos por el pueblo en Montreal.

Este es un llamado a la resistencia anticapitalista, anticolonización u otros que apoyen solidaridad entre técnicas diferentes. No nos afiliamos con ninguna fuerza policial u otro cuerpo de represion de libertad de expresión.

Paremos a Donald Trump y sus ideologias antes de que sus ideologías nos lleven a un abismo político. Ayúdenos a soportar este moviemiento iunto a otros groupos de DC y Montreal. En berdad quiero verte junto a muchos más!

Ahora si, Donald Trump y sus ideas no seran normalizadas. Hay solidaridad internacional y también la hay en Montreal. Unanse!

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last documents of PCI(Maoist)

India Interview with Varavara Rao : By Kunal Shankar. - for debate

(IN late October 2016, one of the deadliest police actions against India’s armed leftists, members of the proscribed Communist Party of India (Maoist), took place deep in the Eastern Ghats forest range along what is called the Andhra-Odisha border, or AOB. Once again the genuineness of the “encounter”, its timing and the motive of the State governments involved in this sweeping and well-planned joint operation by Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, and Central forces have come under scrutiny. As has often been the case, several tribal people have been unwitting victims this time. The celebrated writer, orator and leftist ideologue Varavara Rao spoke to Frontline on the confrontation and the reasons for it.)
The police claim this was a genuine encounter, that there was back-and-forth fire. They say that when they reached the spot the Maoists were armed and that they opened fire. According to them, the severe mutilation of the bodies of Maoists is not a sign of torture but are of wounds inflicted in the course of firing.
It was an ambush by the police. Reliable information is available from The Hindu’s website and Jagabandhu’s [AOB Special Zonal Committee member] statement. On The Hindu’s website, the police officer in charge of the operation claims that he reached the spot three days earlier, that they crawled up the hillock, swam across the rivulet… the explanation is rather dramatic. The officer said they fired first. It is true that a [Maoist] sentry had come to answer the call of nature. At 6 a.m. he was to be replaced, but nobody got there in time. This sentry was fired at. That was the first firing by the police. This corroborates the police officer’s own claim. The sentry cried out “police, police” to alert others. PKM Prabhakar rushed to the spot. After killing the sentry, the police attempted to march ahead, and Prabhakar was also killed in the process. The 18 people who were in the roll call took positions and fired back once they realised that there was a police ambush. One Greyhound member was injured and he died later. On the whole, as they claim, four or five Greyhound members might have been injured. Here again the point is, they were in an advantageous position. When the police fired many were killed, but when the Maoists fired the policemen were only injured. The injured police officers were airlifted to Visakhapatnam, but not the bodies of the Maoists. This shows intention, and in the Indian Penal Code, intention counts a lot. They fired three rounds of bullets. By the second round, hundreds of bullets had been fired and several died. In the third round, which was fired from the hillocks to the plains, 18 Maoists were killed. This is Jagabandhu’s statement. He also insists that eight unarmed Adivasis were caught, tortured and killed. Because they were part of 60 to 70 people who were there at the meeting. It was not a plenary. They were villagers from Malkangiri district. All of them ran for their lives but nine were injured, later caught, tortured, and killed.
Why were the police so successful this time? They deny using sophisticated intelligence such as satellite imagery and mobile reception. They claim that this was information they received from local people, from intelligence on the ground.
No, this is not information from local people. This was covert. There was a former Maoist leader who was used for information. His son, a schoolgoing boy, and mother-in-law were used as decoys. On October 23 they reached close to Ramguda village [where the meeting of Maoists was to take place the next day] during the day. The next morning was the roll call of Maoist cadres. This woman and her grandson crossed the Balimala reservoir to pass on the information. The former Maoist reached the place and was spotted on the hillock with some Greyhounds. On October 23 night, they had seen torchlight on the hillocks, but the Maoists had not taken it seriously. That is a military mistake, which they admit now. In fact, the people wanted to inform the party of the police presence, but they were arrested. Those villages were surrounded and the people were not allowed to leave. Some were tortured and killed.